Porsche 911, 991 GT3 Clubsport Photography

This commission turned in to a little more then I was first expecting. I was asked by Collection Cars, an online auction, to head to Norfolk and photograph a Porsche GT3 Clubsport. Being newly inducted into the Porsche fraternity, how could I say no! After chatting to the owner and arranging the day, I may have let slip that I own a Porsche as well, albeit much older, and not a GT3.

On arrival at the address, no car was in sight. Most people have the car in the driveway all ready. I hate driving up a strangers driveway, only to find you have the wrong address as you had no car as a reference point. That does happen. It just looks and feels a bit suspicious, why that should be I don't know. It's like when your going through the airport checking in, you know very well you have nothing explosive or illegal in your suitcases, but you still feel it! I rung the door bell and had a few nervous moments, as by now I'd driven all the way up his drive and parked in front of the house. To my relief the owner came round the corner, assumed it was me and took me straight to the garage around the side where the car is kept. It's all clean and good to go he said. That's music to my ears, as you would be surprised how many times I turn up for a photo shoot, and the owner hasn't finished cleaning the car, or in some cases hasn't even started.

The Auction Company like photos with no lighting, (a somewhat new experience for me) but if that's what they require, then that's what they shall have. The owner handed me the keys and said there you go, I'll let you get on with the shoot. These cars are automatic, but not like a normal auto where you put it in gear and it creeps forward, here you don't get any creep, you have to give it some revs, but not too many, otherwise you do wheel spins on the gravel driveway.

I soon found the ideal spot in front of the house, where the lighting was good. The shoot went well and a few moves and a couple of hours later I'd finished, normally that's that and I leave. I went to give the key back to the owner saying all good I'm now off, when he replied, "Oh, so you're not taking it around the block then? I thought you might like to", He then proceeded to tell me his pre thought out route! Without looking too excited, I cool and calmly said "Well that would be lovely!" Who am I kidding! With a massive smile ear to ear I said, "are you serious", he looked at the dash board and said "Yes there is enough fuel in the car so take it out".

I didn't need telling a 3rd time! So out I popped on to the main road. It was all very comfortable, the owner has kept the original harness' that came with the car, but has taken them off, and uses a normal seat belts. Once in the seat you sort of drop in and they hug you in all the right places. Now, I was expecting this to be a really hard and harsh ride, being a road going racer and having massive 20 inch rims on rubber band tyres. But it was surprisingly comfy and easy to drive at low speeds, about the same, if not a little better, than the 996tt. I guess that's the technology and developments for you, that they can make a car this stiff but still make it ride well. The steering seemed lighter than the 996tt but super precise, with the turn in spot on, not like the 996tt. You really feel you can go into any corner at any speed and you would go around it as if on rails.
From most angles it's hard to miss the large front six-piston aluminium monobloc brake calipers and 380 mm diameter discs that are 34mm thick.
It sounds glorious when in the rev band, that high pitch howl of a GT car. There is an exhaust button, which does quit it down at lower revs and tick over, but I didn't notice much difference out on the road with it on or off.
When going up through the gears, the changes are savage, like someone hitting you in the back with a sledge hammer. Super fast changes with no drop in power, just another big surge as it changes from nearly 9k on the tacho dropping back to 7k as the next ratio is selected. At low speeds the changes are silky smooth.
Now being an N/A motor and only 3.8 litres, I should have realised about the low to mid range power, when I say power I should say the distinct lack of it. The trouble is, I'm more accustomed to the Turbo with loads of mid range punch, and this really didn't have any go until you were 4k or 5k plus. But for a track toy I guess its better to have the top end grunt. On a circuit you wouldn't need to drop below 5k anyway. If the GT3 and the 996tt were alongside at say 20 mph and both in 3rd gear, I wouldn't be surprised if the older 996tt pulled away.
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres 305/30 ZR20 at the rear.
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres 245/35 ZR20 at the front.
Its engine is the 3.8-litre naturally aspirated flat-six producing 475bhp, coupled to the seven-speed PDK automatic transmission.
Touch screen, Sat Nav, Nice Stereo, Air Conditioning, it's not short on creature comforts.
Racing seats that give you all the support you need but are also comfortable for the longer journey.
This isn't the best car to go shopping with and park up. The visibility in the rear view mirror is shocking, you can hardly see anything through the roll cage and over the rear wing.

What an experience. It was fascinating for me to feel and see the differences between this and my 996tt. (With around 14 years between the 2 models).

I loved every minute of the short drive. I can see that with this car, you could drive it to Germany, do a few laps of the Ring, and drive it back home, without feeling that you have done a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson.

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