Porsche and Escort Mk1 Drive Out

It was very fitting to have a catch up with Dave and his Escort in the very spot 12 years ago I photographed his blue Mk2 Escort for Retro Cars Magazine. Thankfully the weather was far superior now than back then, when an umbrella was a necessity.

I suspect the Porsche has a few aerodynamic advantages!Dave being Dave floods of water didn't stop him from bringing the car out for the shoot. So before we see more on his Mk1 I had to post a couple of his other Ford.
Cover friends.
Dave's old Mk2.
The eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted Dave is not one for 'Can't come out today as looks like rain'

On to Dave's latest, A Mk1 Escort, they are really light compared to a modern car (and few hundred kgs lighter then the Porsche), a basic Escort can be as little as under 800kgs! So Dave's with the Cosworth power plant making a reliable 350 + bhp and roll cage I'm guessing it's around a ton, that's a VERY healthy power to weight ratio! (350 bhp per ton) Making it much higher than the 996 turbo which only has a power to weight of around 270 per ton. 

Out and about I think the Mk1 received more attention and looks then the Porsche.
The car has coil overs all round and they do a great job, I really thought it would be bouncing and jiggling all over the place, where in fact it was very civilised, and dare I say it not that dissimilar to the 996 ride, which is firm but not harsh.
Hearing this drive down the road, there was no mistaking what's under the bonnet as each crisp gear change you got that lovely 'Turbo flutter' sound that's actually the air passing back over the turbo compressor (nothing to do with the actuator that everyone seems to think). Added to this the deep exhaust note that from the custom 3 inch exhaust.
The Atlas rally spec rear axle with 3.75:1 and zf lsd help put the power down.
Some nice touches, Dave added the extra pod that matches the other side.
Keeping it reliable Dave runs the the car at about 350 bhp at 1.7 bar boost from the Hybrid T34 turbo.
The 195 Goodyear tyres do struggle at times!

Big thanks to Dave (www.systemdesignservices.co.uk) for your time today and a great morning.

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